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A new Place of E-commerce from Worldwide will open soon or around November 15,2023 | December 15,2023 | January 15,2024 | February 15,2024.
iKenzar is the New Global E-commerce which Seller and Buyer can meet more than 40-100 countries. And We've been making an effort to stay in touch with 3.6-5.4 billion people from around the world to iKenzar. Let's go and grow up together.
iKenzar is making the world to your hand.
iKenzar still has more than 1,500 Categories and be able to help you and general Manufacturer/Entrepreneur/Shop easily and Buyer can also purchase your products without iKenzar membership.
Let's Register as a Seller today then Pay as you want but not less than we specified.
For This New Year Gifts 2024. We will give you a chance to make a refund and get your money back 100% by 7 days with our terms.
Let's register as a Seller and take your products to the world then We will annouce us or iKenzar to 3.6-5.4 billion people from around the world all the time in stead of you.
Please keep this in mind The whole people more than 3.6-5.4 billion people can purchase your products both our members and non-members.
iKenzar is opening within
and For everyone who's registered as a seller. You can list your item as you'd like without limit within
You can make a request for your money back 100% with our terms only. After iKenzar's opened and then you are unsatisfied within
For All these privileges just for the first 80,000 people only.
Click here to see Real iKenzar Photos before making up your mind to use.
Click here to subscribe to iKenzar as a seller.
You can contact us via our email or ceo_ikenzar@hotmail.com and cfo_ikenzar@hotmail.com